Tuesday 10th September, (Rockhampton).

We both seem to be on the road to recovery at the moment, I am just left with a little congestion to get rid of, and Linda is eating as normal now so that is a good indication she has recovered.

We had a drive around Yeppoon area yesterday to have a look at the caravan parks in the area so we will have a better indication of what to expect next time we are in this area. Yeppoon would be the place to stay next time, as it appears to be quite a nice place. There are quite a few parks down that way and we selected a couple that we would prefer and made the appropriate notes in my caravan park report for future reference.

We have stayed an additional day at Rocky so we can catch up with Hoss and Val. They have limited time to reach Melbourne and don’t travel short distances or stay in freebies, and as we intend doing just that from here to Brisbane we decided that it would be better to stay here as they intend stopping here anyway. They not long ago arrived, so after giving them time to settle in and have a shower and such we probably intend sitting down for a while, have a few coldies HAHA! And catch up with old times.

Our plans from here in the morning could be changed and end up staying another day as the weather does not look too promising. I have decided to leave the annexe up for the evening so we will have somewhere to sit if it rains, so if it is raining in the morning, which looks possible, it may well be too wet to pack up. Only the morning will tell though, otherwise we do intend moving south about 100k to a rest area at Calliope, a little west of Gladstone and then take it from there.