Sunday 8th September, (Rockhampton).

The weather in the area, or something, is starting to take its toll, Linda is not feeling too well and seems to think that it is heat exhaustion, we are now in Rockhampton and it has gotten quite hot. I didn’t think it was a great deal hotter than it has been, but the evenings are remaining quite a deal hotter than those of recent times. I probably wouldn’t really notice though as I myself have not been well, I seemed to have picked up some kind of Wog in Mackay and I have been rather heady and congested in the chest. Probably having a temperature didn’t help either; I am not so bad today as I stayed in bed for as long as possible to sweat it out of me. I arose about 1:30pm, had a shower and after breakfast was feeling much better. Linda is the ill one today, saying the heat is too much for her, making her feel sick, and I believe at one stage she was. After a lie down with the fan blowing on her, and now that the day is cooling a little, she has recovered somewhat and is at the moment preparing a roast tea. An additional days stay is the order so we can recover somewhat before we continue our travels, we have done a couple of long legs that wouldn’t help any.

Hoss left Port Douglas yesterday and is also heading south. They are travelling faster than we are so it is intended to meet up with them and spend a night in the same park so we can have a decent chat and catch up with old times. They are now at Airley Beach so we may even have to stay an additional day to meet them here.