Hervey Bay

Tuesday 17th September, (Hervey Bay).

The Sunshine Coast tomorrow, and an old problem has once again cropped up; School holidays start on Friday and we will be in an area that will be inundated with holidaymakers from Brisbane. The other ill side effect of these holidays is the increase in costs of caravan parks. It’s a pity that we, as travellers, are caught up with increased costs because holidaymakers invade the area that we wish to visit. The other problem as well, is finding a park that has room. This is especially a problem when we haven’t been to the area before.

Whilst looking for parks today I stumbled across one at Yandina, a small town west of the Sunshine Coast that provided facilities galore and is super cheap. The price led me to start enquiring as to why it was so cheap and one suggestion was that it is the park that appeared on TV a week or so ago that featured strange things happening. The complaints were by permanents against management, who seem to want to get rid of them. Whether this is that park or not, we decided that there must be some reason that it is so cheap, so we selected a park at Coolum Beach, a little dearer but we know what to expect.