Sunday 29th September, (Brisbane).

The past couple of days have been a little of a worry to Linda as Matthew and family have been travelling up from Melbourne by car. She tends to worry about anybody travelling on anything other than a short trip, so a trip from Melbourne to Brisbane in two days is a big worry. They arrived here ok last night, all seemed in rather good health and temperament considering the long trip.

As one can imagine then, since we have been here a lot of our time has been spent preparing for Matt and Lou’s visit, although when they turned up last night one wouldn’t think we were anything like prepared for them. It is very nice to see them again. I was a little disappointed though, as when they pulled up the first out of the car was Elly and she ran toward me, then straight passed me and headed for Linda. She did after a little while come around and gave me a hug. Jay, not surprisingly, didn’t take to me right away, but has come around this morning and is acting like I’m his best mate.

Apart from area familiarisation and shopping not much else has happened over the last couple of days, with the exception that we went to visit Deris and Danny yesterday. We didn’t think before we arrived there that it was VFL grand final day so when we arrived we joined in with their friends in a footy and barby day. All enjoyed and had a good time.

I guess for the next week we will have a noisy and interrupted time with the family, but I reckon we will be able to put up with it and then look forward to continuing our travels.