Mission Beach

Friday 9th August, (Mission Beach).

Mission Beach, as we have found out, is close to a town called Tully and this town has the reputation of being the wettest town in Queensland. At the moment the area is living up to it’s reputation as it has poured all day. We had a drive around the area today and have somewhat revamped our ideas of the district as there are a few bush walks to do, but apart from that I get the impression that most people do in fact just come here for the peace and quiet and the beach.

Linda has made the comment that this area is very similar, but on a smaller scale, to Airly Beach, which I made comments about earlier. As far as businesses the only concern is the tourist dollar, but I have decided that this is not going to worry us and we are just going to enjoy our stay here before we move on to Cairns, wet or dry. We are hopeful of a sunny day while here so we can do some of the walks and get some decent photos.