Saturday 3rd August, (Ingham).

We are now at Ingham just for a couple of days to do some shopping and washing etc.

Jourama falls were a sight to be seen: a series of small falls down a massive rock face hundreds of metres high as well as wide with many rock pools and a stony creek below. Apart from the joy of camping out the falls made our stay at the park much more enjoyable.

We visited a pool near the camp area that contained numerous turtles and fish. Fishing is not allowed in the National park and somebody obviously feeds them all, because as we approached the pool several turtles jumped in the water off their logs on the other side of the pool and, along with others and the fish, they all swam close to where we were as if wanting to be fed. The turtles were actually that friendly that at a later stage when another couple were actually feeding them bread, they allowed Linda to pat them on the back while they were swimming close by. Where is the camera when one needs it?

We have heard from fellow travellers that most parks and camp areas north to Cairns are full, this is the peak caravan season, and one would be lucky to find a vacancy. So we are thinking of changing our travel plans and arrive in Cairns a week or two earlier than planned. This will also give us a bit more time in Cairns, as we would prefer, because we would have only had time to spend two weeks there otherwise.