Monday 26th August.

Narrelle rang the other day telling us that she has cancelled her trip, her passport then turned up the following day, but they consider it was for the best to cancel because they could do with the money right now and she was being pressured with the new job she has gotten. Would you believe she got a job as an Air Hostess? We will miss not having the opportunity to meet her, but we will get by. Linda has started proceedings to renew her passport as she will no doubt accept Narrelle’s offer for a trip over there next year, so she will at least get the chance to meet her.

Linda’s sister Cheryl is in hospital, things don’t look too good. They are finally talking to us though about their problems after Linda tackled them a while ago.

We have now decided to move on from here on about Wednesday or so depending on when we meet up with Hoss and wife. I rang them on Sunday and the chances are that we will have a trip to Kuranda tomorrow as they are staying there at the moment. With Narrelle now not coming, and finally getting the chance to meet Hoss, we can now use the extra time to make our journey to Brisbane a little more leisurely. Matthew has confirmed that they will be in Brisbane at the end of September, and will not be coming back up at Christmas as they originally were planning so we have decided to make a trip back home for Christmas and stay for December and January.

I also had the chance to talk to that Mechanic in Townsville today about the problems with the car caused by them not plugging in the radiator fans when they worked on it. I was quite surprised with his attitude actually. He is prepared to sit and talk to me to discuss what happened and even what we can do to remedy the situation: I am taking that as a possibility of some remuneration, so we will see. We will be back in Townsville in a week or so and will most certainly go and visit them for a discussion.

What was going to be a rather uneventful weekend turned out to be rather busy, even though most was only on the phone. We did have a day trip 60k odd south to a place called The Boulders. It was obviously given this name by the size of the rocks in the creek bed there, it was quite interesting though, and even provided several short bush and forest walks that we do enjoy. We also took the opportunity to check a few campsites in the area and we did find a few that if still available in future we can envisage using them.

Car rego is due next month: another financial burden that may end up being somewhat of a shock when it does arrive as I am expecting quite an increase with insurance the way it is lately.