Saturday 27th July.

I have managed to achieve all chores I had intended doing in Linda’s absence, and I even came up with another mod for the solar panels so I can place them on an angle while on the roof so they can catch more sun while up there. Some paint was purchased for the cupboard doors and draws and I came up with a clever idea to prevent wasting paint. I purchased one of those edges painting, flat, brushes and it tuned out excellent to use. The problem was getting the paint on to it. The tin I purchased was a very small one and the brush would not fit into it, and the idea of using a tray wasted too much paint as I intend only doing a couple of doors at a time. I tried placing the paint into a sauce squeeze bottle so I could apply paint directly onto the brush as required and this turned out to be the ideal situation. The screw cap keeps the bottle sealed, one can release and use only the amount of paint required direct to the brush, and there is absolutely no waste of paint.

Linda is back now and we can settle back down to a normal life of travelling.

Monday we will be moving on towards Cairns, so the next chapter will commence there.