Thursday 18th July.

11:00pm and I am already feeling what it is like living on my own once more. I have been busy during the day so the effect wasn’t really felt, but now at night on my own with the whole van to myself, gets a bit lonely but we’ll be able to handle it ok.

I achieved a fair bit today as I removed the other solar panel and placed the sockets on the roof to plug the panels back in when replaced on the roof. The roof also received a wash, and needed it. One of the panels was rewired to a socket and a test was done by plugging that one in. The sun was rather low as by this time it was late in the afternoon and it was slightly overcast, but the results were promising. With the panel pointed directly toward the sun, according to maximum reading on the meter, I did receive a little over 4 Amps intermittently, which is almost the total I have been getting from both panels on the roof lately. It will be interesting to see the results tomorrow when both panels are fully wired and constructed so they can stand together supported by a prop.

I did have a visit from Barry, Ida’s other half, today and it was enjoyable having him around for a chat, and I think he was a little impressed with some of the work I was doing wiring the panels while he was here. I do admit one doesn’t see any caravanners doing such work. I was also invited around for happy hour at 4:00pm, which I did attend, but when it was time for them to dish up their roast meal, that looked enough to feed an army, I politely excused myself and went home before Ida could get a chance to ask me to stay for tea. Who knows whether this would have been her intention, as she gives one the impression it would, I wasn’t going to, and will not, give her the opportunity.