Wednesday 17th July, (On my own).

Linda is on her way home, and at this moment is in Brisbane spending the night with Deris before catching another flight tomorrow on her way to Tassie.

Seeing that Linda has gone I took it that it was now ok to start on the solar panel job, so number one has been removed from the van. This job could turn out to be a bigger one than originally perceived, as the panels themselves are a little bigger and heavier that I had planned, but all will work out well in the end. I guess it will have to, because I have now started it, I will have to complete it.

While looking and considering what I could use and be suitable for a dust cover on the new gas fitting, I stumbled on the ideal item. The plastic, or rubber, backstop for the caravan door turned out to be an ideal size to snugly fit over the outside of the fitting. These backstops are readily purchased from a hardware shop and after trimming the length of the item it made an ideal cover. Even though it fitted very snugly I ended up purchasing two of them, one as a spare in case the other failed to stay on during travel, but I personally think this will not happen.

Back to cooking for myself; and having to do those menial chores such as washing and wiping the dishes.

It’s now 9:30 pm and Ida has not yet enquired as to my well-being. Ida is the better half of a couple we have become close to in the caravan park, a bit of a worrywart.