Monday 8th July, (Townsville).

Been rather busy lately organising the rearrangement of gear from the caravan to the panel van. One day was taken up re-packing the panel van, removing the spare wheel to make more room, and finding space to store things like the blue box from the front of the caravan that once held fuel containers and such. This box now contains several other small containers of gear mainly move from the van, such as paper for the printer, a small container full, the map books and such for other states that we are not using at present, and sleeping bags and doona’s that now don’t take space in the caravan.

A roof rack was ordered to place all spare wheel onto, and possibly gas bottles and such, and it should turn up later today.

Another full day was spent moving one of the batteries from the caravan and installing it in the back of the panel van. A fair bit of extra wiring had to be installed to cater for this battery to be useful while there, as well as connecters so we can plug in a solar panel to charge it. We have planned on utilising the battery and solar panel when we leave the van and travel overnight using the tent; yes we have also purchased a tent for this purpose. The solar panel will be one of the ones on the roof of the caravan, I have yet to get around to making them removable for this purpose and also so we can place them on the ground pointing at the sun to achieve maximum power from them. I have found that they are down to 50% of power laying flat on the roof. I am hopeful we will only have to remove them in winter as in summer the sun is almost directly overhead.

I assume I mentioned earlier that I was having trouble with something I picked up from a shower block somewhere, well I received the test results today and it turned out to be just some fungal infection, not over important and it has cleared up now anyway.

Linda has had a change of heart about her return trip to Tassie; she would now like it to be for two weeks rather than just the one. Enquiries have proven to be a little difficult due to the fact that we made separate bookings Brisbane to Tassie, and Townsville to Brisbane. We also made these bookings with different travel agents so to convince one agent to attempt to make all the changes proved to be not too easy, but they seem to have made the appropriate arrangement for us. We only have to get conformation of the bookings tomorrow. A lesson learned in all this is in future to make all bookings direct with the airline one intends to use for the trip.