Chapter 15

Back on the road, from Townsville.

Monday 29th July 2002, (Rollingstone).

5:30pm and we are sitting outside the van and enjoying, listening to, the gentleman next door playing the piano accordion. We are once again at Rollingstone camp area soaking up the tranquillity of camping in a bush setting.

We left Townsville this morning and are on our way to Cairns, we have about 3-4 weeks to get there when it will be time to meet Narrelle visiting on her way to a wedding in Melbourne. We are very much looking forward to her visit.

Tomorrow will be the test for the modifications I made to the solar panels as to whether they will provide enough charge, considering we aren’t worried how much power we use tonight.

I have tested out our new shower pump and nozzle set up now in our shower tent and it was rather enjoyable. It made quite a difference being able to simply switch it on or off rather than fiddle with the difficult nozzle on the old water bag one.

I can’t remember if I have previously mentioned the fuss the caravan park owners have been making about these free camp areas in this area run by the local council. We had a visit from the council ranger today and his attitude was rather extraordinary, as if to say “to hell with the park owners, we have provided these parks for a reason so they can like it or lump it”. This was not an actual quote but seemed to be his attitude.