Saturday 29th June, (Townsville).

Well plans do change: we have moved on from Balgal beach because the Midges got to Linda last night and they have affected her rather badly. Not knowing much about these Midges, they must only come out to bother people in the right weather conditions. Last time we camped there we had the idea they were out and about, they didn’t affect me but Linda received a few bites we thought were from them, but they must have been mosquitoes or something because the bites were not anywhere near as bad as these one are. I again was not affected last night, but then I was covered in insect repellent.

We have decided to travel on to Townsville. The park we are booked into on Monday is booked out until then so we tried a Top Tourist park on the northern side of town. Actually this is a very nice park, all the concrete slabbed sites are taken but we have been placed out the back on a nicely grassed area that is actually quite nice, and the price is very reasonable. The big disadvantage with this park though is that it is so far out of town, otherwise we would have given consideration to staying here instead for the next month. We will go into the other park because the money we would save by staying here would only be spent on fuel getting into town to do all my shopping.

Although we do have the comforts of power here we will still treat it as being a camping ground and try to relax as we would if we were still out there, shouldn’t be hard to do.