Monday 10th June, (Townsville).

We did have a couple of very cold nights, well we think nowadays that anything below 10 or 11 degrees is cold, one night Linda even turned on her blanket. It didn’t last all night though as she overheated half way through the night and had to turn it off.

Otherwise we have enjoyed our stay at Townsville. And we found plenty to do to occupy our time. We decided to cut and shut our green-shade awning to make it easier to erect and take down. Our original plan was to cut the old shade cloth and fit edging to support press-studs, but it was old, weakened and stretched out of shape, which resulted in it hanging very drably. We found a piece of heavier duty, and grey, shade cloth at Hardware House in a remnant bin that we decided to use as a ground sheet where it will be unsuitable to use the carpet. This cloth was a lot easier to work with so we purchased some more, had to pay full price as none left in remnant bin, and use it for the end pieces. The piece of the old cloth used for the long outer face was still in reasonable condition so it was decided to use this. This meant we were now using tho different colours, but we are not out to impress people, so if we find it doesn’t work we at least now have a little experience and we can, with a little more confidence, make a new piece using the same colour, grey, as the ends.

I have also been looking at mobile phones with the hope of finding one that has USB connectivity, and ask questions about other terms I have been coming across, and I did find one brand that is what I have been looking for. It would be a pity if I were to buy the new mobile as my old trusty LG, ha ha, would become defunct. I have almost decided to give Linda my new laptop and mobile when she goes home in July for Matthew to attempt to get it to work with a serial to USB converter, but after finding more info about the other model I am very nearly convinced to buy it anyway. Web surfing apparently revealed that I might have been ripped off buying the LG, as it seems that it may be only capable of data speeds of 9,600, the same as the old digital, not at 14,400 as was led to believe. The other brand does, according to what we found on the net, work at 14,400 and comes with software which gives one a lot of PC usability with the mobile such as phone book, sending SMS etc. I think I would be a lot happier with the new one, but one would only know after purchasing unfortunately.

We will be moving off tomorrow, after staying for two weeks rather than one, and will be visiting several camp spots on the coast between here and Ingham. A stay at Ingham and maybe somewhere further north and then we will return to Townsville, on the way staying at the camp spots again, this should kill some time before Linda goes home.

We will be killing this time in the next chapter.