Saunders Beach

Chapter Fourteen.

Filling it time round Townsville.

Tuesday 11th June 2002, (Saunders Beach).

After spending a couple of weeks in Townsville we have decided that it is time to move on and check out these camp areas between there and Ingham.

We are at present at Saunders Beach, the first of the camp areas set up by the local council basically for travellers to stay at, for a maximum of 48 hours and only one stay per week. So we figure that if we slowly make our way to Ingham staying at these areas, then at Ingham and its surrounds for a week or two and then make our way back down the coast to Townsville we should kill just about enough time before Linda has to fly out on her trip home.

One could very easily get used to this style of camping, being free, right next to an enormous beach and we get to do exactly what we want whenever we want. We also have all the time we need to just relax as much as we want. We are now really looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

A possible fortunate break this morning; while Linda was at the shops I was waiting fully packed and ready to move on when I noticed one van tyre looked a little deflated. I decided to check them and both were down a little so I thought while I had time I would pump them up. While inflating one of them I noticed an out of shape area on the tread and upon investigation it was noted to be bulging in the centre of the tread almost all the way round the tyre. A replacement at this stage possibly prevented a blowout while travelling, I dread even thinking about that. A check with a Dunlop centre when I find one may give me a warranty claim on it as it was less than half worn, otherwise I will just have to purchase another as it was one of the originals and I am not going down to Melbourne just to replace it under warranty.