Balgal Beach

Thursday 13th June, (Balgal Beach).

An incident has occurred that I am not sure how to take: Linda has convinced me to discard my shoes and socks, not my shoes and socks! She has finally won and had me walking not only on the beach barefoot, but in the water as well. I guess this should do my feet some good though, as I do have a problem at the moment with something I more than likely picked up in an amenities block somewhere, but we are working on clearing it up.

We are at the moment regretting that other areas and states do not have more camping areas like they do here. The camping is so peaceful and easy going that we could, and are talking about, doing as much of this style camping as possible. The cost saving would be of great benefit as well.

We have now moved on to Balgal Beach, about 30k odd north, as we can only stay at each camp area for two nights. This spot is as good as one would hope for, right on the beach, a shop next door, plenty of sun to charge the batteries and warm weather, what else would one want. We will get a bit of this camping in over the next few weeks.

What looks like a good fishing spot close by could end up seeing me extracting the fishing rod from the car at last, but we will have to see. I did notice several fishermen with lines in, but there didn’t seem to be much action, so I will have another look tomorrow and you never know what will happen.