Thursday 16th May, (Winton).

We are now at Winton, 200km further northwest, and we are quite surprised how our feelings about places can change so easily. The impression we get after only being here since one o’clock this afternoon is one that we have experienced often before, that this is a town that we could stay quite a while, meaning days. It appears that Longreach could in itself have made us feel the way we did while there, and we thought it was the area in general. We don’t know what it is; it is still as dry here, but not quite as dusty, but the feeling is totally different.

We have just had a quick look about the town and found several things to do while here, so now we must decide what we will do and how long we need to stay here to do them.

Friday 17th May, (Winton).

We had yesterday decided that with an early start we would be able to see all we intended to at Winton and then be free to move on tomorrow. Plans can easily come undone; after sleeping in until 10 o’clock it was too late to do what we intended, so we went and visited the Waltzing Matilda Centre, which gave us a pass for an opal and Dinosaur display and the open air cinema. This filled in the intended time allocated for the day so we have booked in for another day to complete what we had intended.

The Waltzing Matilda Centre is a display that must be seen, giving descriptions of the origin of the song and other nationally known icons. They house a museum with contents of old memorabilia and tools and articles of old, some of which brought back old memories of using some of them.

The opal museum was something spectacular, if you are into gemstones and opals. They also had a collection of old relics as well.

The open-air theatre is exactly what it suggests, a movie theatre with no roof. It is still in working order and is still used on a regular basis. They also had a display of opals and old relics, which lead me to suspect that nobody in this area throws anything out. When they build up a collection of old things they just seem to open a museum with them.

Tomorrow is allocated for walking around town taking photos of the place and buildings, and that will do for touristy things for here, then we will be free to move on.

I had a win with the management last evening after attending a talk given by them about what is to see in the area. We were the only ones in attendance and afterward we had a chat, and in this chat was a discussion of using mobile phones to access the Internet. It turns out that the management often use their mobiles to access the net and are displeased with the cost of calling a local fee number and then paying for the net as well. I then informed them of my connection procedures and minimal costs and then gave them details of what number I use and the settings needed. When booking in today I asked how they went, and they were ecstatic that it worked and that it would be a lot cheaper for them.

We also talked about digital photography, as the boss’s co-worker is into digital and has been teaching the manageress how they work. I think I also gave them some handy information regarding that subject as well.