Friday 10th May, (Longreach).

Some of the attractions available were passed by us, as all had an admission charge that we thought was a little excessive as we are living on a budget, so the last couple of days were spent not doing much.

We are now at Longreach, a further 100km west.

Sentiments shown by both of us indicated that we are in a position of having had just about enough of the outback and its dry conditions. Linda is suffering from a very dry and irritable throat that can only be caused by the dry conditions. I am also noticing it in the airways but it doesn’t appear to be bothering me as much as her. It seems that we are both getting to the point that we would much rather be on the coast where it would be a little more moist, humid and green. We only have Winton to come to the west and then our plans could take us on a path back to the coast to Townsville so we will have to endure the situation until then. Maybe after a couple of days here we may change our minds, who knows.

If we had have visited Longreach first on the list in the outback I am sure I would have said it is a very nice town, but with our present attitude, our summation is somewhat diminishing to an extent lower than that. We will have a look around and see a few things and we may end up changing our minds.

There does seem to be quite a bit to do in town, but again everything interesting enough to see costs, as if the town is turning everything into an attraction to extract the tourist dollar. This situation does not suit us, as I am sure I have said before, because we are living on a reasonably tight budget and we simply can’t afford to visit everything.

Even the Caravan Park we booked into is a little depressing, as I would consider the charges they have applied are in excess of what it is worth. They are doing the park up somewhat, but not yet complete, and maybe this is a way of raising funds, but they don’t really have any competition so I guess they can do what they like. There is another caravan park in town but it is rather small and would be continually booked out due to people going there because of the high cost of this one.

We have booked a trip on a river cruise and meal for Monday night as a treat because we have not eaten out in such a long time, so we are looking forward to the trip being as good as it is led to believe.