Friday 3rd May, (Blackall).

The power system did get a full test as after using more than we usually would, and as it turns out that being winter with the sun on a fair angle, or there is a fault in the system, the charge was not as high as I was expecting so I had to fire up the generator late the following afternoon to boost charge. While we had the gene’ running we decided to leave it going all the next night, until bedtime at least, if for no other reason to give it a run.

We had an enjoyable two days at the rest area at Tambo, with the only problem being the grass seeds from the dry grass in the spot we parked. These are part of the learning experience though, so in future we will look for a green-grassed area or gravel if available, otherwise whatever is available will have to do.

We have since moved on from Tambo and onto Blackall, 100k from Barcaldine (Barky). We have been here since Wednesday and originally booked in for four days. After hearing that Barky is booked out on the weekend I made several phone calls, and they are, so we have now booked in for another day and booked into Barky on Monday. I also checked with Longreach and booked in there for the following Friday as bookings were building. This is the time of year that the shows are travelling this area, hence the reasons for being busy.

Linda is now somewhat happy as we have been missing the shows around the country during our travels and the local Blackall show is on this weekend so she will be able to visit one at last.

The caravan park we are staying in advertised that they regularly have a camp roast get- together meal for guests, so we are looking forward to attending one. They have not had one since we have been here, but are hopeful of organising one for tomorrow. Naturally they have to have enough people attend for it to be viable so it is not held as regularly as was anticipated.

Blackall is a sleepy little outback town, as are most we have stayed at lately, which makes the visit a lot more enjoyable and relaxing.

The main attraction at Blackall is a wool scour situated just outside the town. It is the only steam driven scour left existing in the country, built at the turn of the last century, and when it shut down in the 70’s it was left intact. The locals a few years ago decided that it would make a good tourist attraction so they have banded together and are restoring it. Most of the mill was operational when we visited and they expect it to be completed soon. It was a very interesting visit, as one just does not see anything like it anywhere still complete and in operation.

I have made comment on how surprisingly the price of fuel in the area is a little lower than I had expected, but Linda has found out today that the same does not apply to foodstuffs as she did some grocery shopping today and was somewhat taken aback by the prices. I guess this is what we will just have to put up with.