Tuesday 7th May, (Barcaldine).

This caravan park does have a function of an evening. Both nights we have been here so far they have had a Billy Tea and Damper and they are an event to remember. The management, or the new management to take over next week, give an explanation of what is to offer not only here but in surrounding towns as well. Along with, and during, plates of damper are served among the tables, spread with butter and golden syrup, deeelishus! And enough was served to fill me to the extent I did not want any tea each evening. The manager then progresses into his telling local Ausie jokes, and does it well. I am not sure whether I could attend every night though, as the evenings are, as one could imagine, designed for a different audience each night and can get a little repetitive.

A walk around town taking photos was the order of today and I found that there were easily many shots to nearly fill my memory card. This town offers, as a tourism draw card, a tree in the main street under which the local shearers and such would hold work condition related meetings very early last century and as the story goes these meetings resulted in the formation of the Australian Labour Party. The tree is referred to as the tree of knowledge.

One thing that drew my attention was again the pubs, and number of them, in town; in one block in the main street there are actually four pubs, all operating, and there are more.

We copped a story about the above man in black resting up against the wall. He is actually a timber cutout, if not obvious, and was installed several years ago by the shop owner. The shop is up a side street from the main street and as the story goes there was a lot of talk around town about this fellow, viewed from the main street, resting against the wall and how the owners could permit him to remain there in that state. Then one day the locals ventured up the side street and became aware of the actual circumstances. This story leads me to one of two conclusions; either the shop doesn’t do much business, or it doesn’t mention anything for the possible mentality of some of the locals. At first glance he does look a little realistic though.