Monday 6th May, (Barcaldine).

With us now staying in a small town for a period of four days or so and there being limited things to see and do the result is not much put down in words. We are enjoying the extra time relaxing though.

We have left Blackall feeling rather peeved. We had intended staying at the park we did all along, but one thing that may have influenced us was the advertising of a camp cooked meal almost every day provided by the management, at a small cost, but in the five days we stayed there they did not have one. We were so looking forward to attending this function as it gives one a chance to meet and talk to other travellers, so we are a little annoyed that it didn’t eventuate. One gets the impression that it was an advertising ploy to get people to stay at the park. They did have one the night before we arrived, supposedly, and were planning one for the tonight, supposedly, but we are not there any more. The excuse given on each day was that there were not enough people staying in the park, but every night we were there the park seemed to be packed.

Anyway back to travels, we are now at Barcaldine. This town is on the junction of the highway from Brisbane, which we have been travelling, and the highway that traverses from Rockhampton west to, ultimately, Mt. Isa. Barcaldine is another sleepy little outback town as well as the others, but there seems to be a little more to do here than recent towns. Reports over the next few days will reveal this to be true or not.

The park we are staying at, Homestead caravan park, does have evening functions, we have just been invited to a Billy tea and damper session at 5:30 and are looking forward to meeting others and having a good time.