Tuesday 9th April, (Dalby).

A trip to Lake Broadwater about 30k south was the order of the day, and turned out to be rather disappointing. Then if we had thought a little more about it, and maybe listened to the advice from the visitors centre, and made our visit at either daybreak or sunset the trip would have probably more worthwhile. The lake is apparently home to plenty of wildlife, but none are in attendance during the day and would be abundant at either end of the day when they awaken or come home to roost.

The day wasn’t a waste though, as we experienced a cotton harvest on the way. This on its own was an experience as it was only recently we actually saw a cotton crop growing. We were quite surprised by the harvest process as they pick the cotton and place it into a bale press, which compresses the cotton and they end up with one big bale that is the size of the trailer of the average semi. Then the semi comes along and picks it up by rolling it into the trailer end on. The surprising part is that there does not seem to be anything holding the bale together. We suppose that because the cotton is actually greasy when it is picked it bonds together when it is compressed.

We decided today that we had better enquire about methods and fares for Linda to return home in July, as she would like to be there for Elly and Jay’s birthdays, and we were fortunate that the local travel agent found us a cheap return fare from Brisbane to Tassie so we booked it and decided that a bus trip from wherever we are on the coast at the time to Brisbane would be suitable, and we won’t have to book that, just catch it when we need to.

After doing most of what we intended to do, including groceries, we came to the conclusion that this place is an ideal place that one can just sit around, do nothing and relax. Then neither of us find that hard to do at the best of times, do we?