Monday 8th April, (Dalby).

A day of relaxation today, but we went for a drive to Bunya Mountains yesterday. The Bunyas are very picturesque with good scenery overlooking the western flats. There are plenty of bush walks to undertake but unfortunately with Linda’s leg as it is we forfeited them. We did get to see some of the scenery so we are satisfied with what we did get to see. There is a settlement on top of the mountains in paradise valley, appropriately named, being as picturesque as one would expect.

There are a heap of holiday cottages nestled among the Bunya Pines amid some of the lushest grass one has seen for goodness how long. There is also a camping area in the valley, but unfortunately the roads up to the mountain are definitely not suitable for caravans. The valley also offered spectacular views to the east.

I had a thought over the last day or two of again following up on fitting an extra gas feed to the van for the second fridge. I also considered purchasing a new battery for the car, as the existing one has seemed to be a little sluggish the last few mornings. During my pursuing the option for purchasing these articles it was discovered that for a small town Dalby has everything on offer for the average shopper. I can’t recall another town this size having such options.

After talking to a gas fitter I think I found out why other plumbers I have approached for a quote have not returned to fulfil my request. According to this man regulations dictate that the first thing they must do before any other work can be done, is to replace the gas regulator with a double regulator if one is not already fitted. He also explained that there was not a completely suitable fitting for the other end, so with what was available, and the possible cost of the regulator, the cost of the job placed it out of the realms of being financially viable. I will have to then continue with the situation we now have.

As for the battery, after a long run yesterday without the van behind and trying to run a fridge, the battery seemed to be in good nick this morning, so my decision to replace it has also been postponed.