Friday 4th April, (Dalby).

We have spent enough time at Toowoomba so it came time to leave the rest of the things we had intended to do here and hopefully return one day with finer weather so we can complete them.

We have now moved on to Dalby, about 85k west of Toowoomba. This seems to be a nice enough town, and the caravan park we chose is close to the town centre with everything within walking distance, so plenty of exercise will be the call during our stay.

The weather reports over the last week or so have revealed that Dalby was warmer than Toowoomba by a couple of degrees so we are hopeful of some better temperatures.

It is now 5:30 pm and we are nicely settled in and ready for what comes our way over the next week.

We are going to miss some of our favourite TV shows this week as WIN is hard to receive, perhaps it is just my aerial that does not pick up VHF channels very well. We will just have to get used to it though as when we travel inland further some channels just will be not available.

It will be interesting to see how noisy it will be here overnight as the park is almost directly next to the highway, but there may be enough distance to not be too loud.

Saturday 6th April, (Dalby).

A visit to the local visitors centre revealed a couple of things that would be a must while in the area. The Bunya Mountains, 50k or so northeast provides many walking tracks, lookouts and camping spots. The camping spots are out due to the recommendation that the roads are unsuitable, steep, for caravans, and the bushwalks and lookouts may be out as well as Linda is still in pain and finds it hard to walk far. If I haven’t mentioned yet, Linda had a nasty experience with a shopping trolley while in Toowoomba. A woman in an obvious hurry barged her way in front of Linda, to beat her to the entry gate, and rammed the trolley into the side of her leg. The other woman, without care and consideration, then proceeded to disappear and continue her shopping as if nothing had happened. A doctors visit revealed she has deep bruising and mar not heal for quite a while.

I intend to go up for a drive and have a look at the area and decide then whether or not we will return for extra activities.

Another spot to see is Lake Broadwater, about 30k southwest, which is the largest natural expanse of its type in the area and boasts varied recreational activities, walking and wildlife.

Both seem to be a must while here.

I should mention that I was informed that while in the area be careful of pronunciation of several things, such as; Dalby is pronounced Dolby, and just about everything in the area that has an “A” in it is pronounced “O” and locals get very offended if pronounced incorrectly.