Saturday 13th April, (Chinchilla).

We moved yesterday to Chinchilla, 85k west, and decided to camp at ground 9k southwest of Chinchilla. The camping ground is set by a lake created by a weir and is in a very secluded and quiet surrounding. A very peaceful evening was spent there last evening and we were looking forward to at least another night there, but: but more about that later.

A lot of facilities are provided at the park such as toilets, water but not for drinking, picnic areas and would you believe the local council actually provides power, but the condition is that camping is restricted to 48 hours. The down side of this camp is the soil in the area. It is a very dark thickish soil that would become very muddy when wet, which brings me back to the ‘but’. On our second day, late in the afternoon it became very overcast and looked very much like rain. This little black duck was not going to get stuck there in that messy quagmire if it did rain, so we had a quick pack up and move into Chinchilla.

We have decided that if it does rain, and continues, we will stay here until it is clear enough to move on.