Sunday 31st March, (Toowoomba).

Easter Sunday, and Linda has, or we at least, have just had a phone call to Narrelle in England. We decided that all Linda’s phone calls are to numbers she can call for free, so we have her monthly call allowance to utilise on calls to England. One call she already made was only $2.50 for 5 minutes so we figure we can call Narrelle for about 15 minutes every two weeks or so. It will be much better speaking to each other rather than just email.

The weather has broken somewhat, but it is still a little overcast and windy so yesterday we had a look around a few things in Toowoomba such as the Botanical gardens, Cobb and co museum and a bird sanctuary. Today called for a tour up to Crows Nest, about 40k north and a waterfall/gorge and lake in the area.

Toowoomba is situated, as I have said before, on top of the ranges with a virtual cliff of great length along the eastern side, which offers many lookouts with spectacular scenes of the lower lands to the east.

We have booked in here until Friday so we have several days to further look around this city, and heaps more photos, and have a couple of days to just relax.