Monday 25th March, (Toowoomba).

A little fiddling with the aerial and adjusting the power on the booster power has improved the TV reception a little and it is now a little more watchable.

I made arrangements for a vehicle service today, and fixing a few things on the laptops filled in the day, so tomorrow will see some sightseeing.

Tuesday 26th March, (Toowoomba).

We had a tour of a difference today, as we followed a tourist drive around Toowoomba. We have done this on an odd occasion before and have now decided that in a city at least the size of Toowoomba it will be a necessity to do such a tour.

The tour gave us a greater appreciation of the surroundings than that we would have achieved if it were up to our own resources as it has been in the past. We now know where a lot of attractions are and had a glance at what we can expect when we decide to revisit them.

Some excellent scenery is to be seen on the range looking east toward Brisbane as Toowoomba is situated immediately on top of the ranges, almost on top of a cliff.

There seems to be some other spectacular areas to visit, but that’s another day.