Sunday 24th March, (Toowoomba).

A move today to Toowoomba, which is now the start of what should be our expected anything goes touring. Anything goes was the order of the day, as we experienced a situation that I hope does not occur again: a very large hill on the last stage of the trip to Toowoomba. This hill was about 5-6 kilometres of very steep upgrade that committed the panel van to first gear, and caused extreme overheating of the engine and transmission. The transmission obviously suffered, hopefully temporarily, and demonstrated some very unusual traits on cruising after traversing the climb.

A decision has been made to change engine oil and filter while here so the inclusion of transmission oil change could be a deserved addition, as it must have gotten very cooked during the strain.

Toowoomba seems to be a place of many things to do so we could possibly easily fill in two weeks here so as to overcome the travelling problems over Easter with parks being booked out. A visit to the local tourist centre today revealed that there are several tourist drives that seem to be a must so I should even get quite a few photos.

A problem that occasionally occurs in outback areas with poor TV reception. One would think that a city the size of this would have excellent reception but I am having all sorts of problems getting a clear picture. Perhaps the main problem is the same as other parks with the signal being attenuated somewhat by all the trees they insist in growing and ultimately only achieve being an obstacle in the way of signal reception. The picture is just watchable and I guess we will just have to put up with it.