Gold Coast

Friday 1st March, (Gold Coast).

While Linda was having a look around at the local shopping centres I went for a drive around the city of Surfers Paradise and was again awe struck by the building, motels and such, being so high and so close to sand. It really makes one wonder what type of foundation these buildings have.

I could have just walked around town all day taking snaps of the building, but I did restrain myself.

Perhaps the rain really is following us, as it poured down this evening. The rain did bring some cool weather, which was very welcome, but now a couple of hours since it has gotten very warm and muggy again. Oh well I guess we will just have to put up with it.

Saturday 2nd March, (Gold Coast).

We visited and old friend and his wife today, Tony and Brenda Cruse, and spent several hours just reminiscing old times and talking about what each of us have been doing over the years since we have met.

Tony works for a casino group that owns casinos all over the world and has been travelling the world working at different ones and has now been offered a position with a casino in Moscow. They are looking very much forward to this position, except the cold of coarse.

Tony and Brenda are expecting very soon to travel to Canberra to obtain their visas for the trip, so we are hopeful that we can see them again before we leave here and perhaps go out for a meal or something. If we do miss them we will either come back down from Brisbane to see them, or, as they indicated, they may prefer a trip up to Brisbane to visit us. They leave for Berlin in 14 days.

Car racing is on TV tomorrow so no need to say any more as to what I will be doing.