Tuesday 12th March, (Brisbane).

The caravan wheel I removed for inspection yesterday was immediately replaced because there is no need for maintenance at this time. The brakes were good and the bearings even had good, and plenty of, grease so I will leave maintenance on them until later when I purchase some grease.

We have spent every day since being here at Deris’s, so we have decided to move the caravan to her driveway to save the travel from one side of the city to the other. It seems we will be sitting here for a while, as I have not yet heard anything about my phone.

I have purchased a new laptop from Danny due for arrival tomorrow so that will give me some time to play with it and load everything I need to.

I am here on my own at the moment, as the guests have gone to the Gold Coast for a drive and the women have gone shopping. We are planning a trip to Ipswich area this afternoon for a bar-b-que so I might be able to get a few shots of the other side of Deris’s family.

Wednesday 13th March, (Brisbane).

If back in Tassie and somebody suggested we go from Launceston to Oatlands for a bar-b-que I would have suggested they were stupid, but that is about the extent of the trip we had yesterday. The crew were late getting back from the Gold Coast so it was on dark by the time we arrived. A pity because it seemed like a very picturesque countryside and it was too to get any decent pictures, not that it would have meant anything as I lost all the photos I took last night with a CP error while downloading. All had a great time anyway. There was a great heap of Danny’s family here for the wedding and stayed over until today and they have been sightseeing and having a ball while here, and being mainlanders they didn’t think anything of the trip last night.

The mobile phone saga continues; a call today to Bendigo didn’t reveal anything, as nothing had been heard from LG so Jacqi called them to find out that delivery could be as much as another 3 weeks away. This didn’t make me very happy at all so after a heated discussion with LG and Bendigo they are now trying to arrange either an upgrade to something else, or maybe cancel my existing plan and start up another. Either way, one way or another, something must happen soon, very soon.

I should pick up my new laptop tomorrow, so that will keep me occupied for a while. I am hopeful of getting a different mobile completely, that way I should be able to get something that will work on the new laptop.