Chapter 12

Brisbane on, at a steady pace.

Friday 8th March 2002, (Brisbane).

We have been in Brisbane now for two days, the wedding is tomorrow and I have found out, thankfully, that Queensland’s idea of semi-formal, requirements of the reception, are reasonably relaxed. Due to the heat all I am prepared to wear is a coloured silk shirt with light dress trousers with black shoes, and apparently that will be acceptable; if not then my ideas are that I will not attend as I will not wear a tie for anybody and it is far too hot to wear a coat.

We visited Deris and family yesterday, and Sue had arrived as well, and we will be going back over today as a party is planned for this evening.

I picked up the new awning yesterday and it seemed to meet my requirements. It was installed as a bike shelter today and suits that purpose adequately, so it will get a test of how it fairs as an awning the night before we leave as I will remove the big one and install the new small one. If this proves adequate, this will be the order of the day each time we pack up to move and the one to use when we are only camping out for a day or two.

Sunday 10th March, (Brisbane).

Late in the evening at the moment, we have just arrived back from visiting Deris’s again, as we have most of the weekend, and it has been a hectic one. The wedding and reception were very good and I am sure everybody had a good time, with the exception of the (young) ones who had not adapted to a long drinking session before eating. Drinks were being served from when we arrived at the reception until the bridal party arrived, something like 2 hours, and a lot of alcohol was consumed in that time. Me being a teetotaller notice these happening nowadays.

It is Danny Hoare’s idea to entertain all who weren’t invited to the wedding on the day after, today, so that is where we were today. Then again I guess we will be visiting there quite a bit while we are here anyway, especially as Danny has made me an offer on a new laptop that I am finding very hard to refuse. The only problem being these days is they don’t seem to provide a serial port on laptops any more, and I need one for mobile access, so we are working on seeing if a converter to USB will work to overcome the problem. One way or another will have to be found to overcome the problem otherwise it may not be worth me buying the new one as I would have to keep the old one for internet use, doesn’t sound wise does it.

I am planning a maintenance day tomorrow to check the trailer brakes to see what wear they have incurred, wash the car and then visit the family again, as it is Deris’s daughter’s 16th birthday and we will have to attend that as well.