Monday 25th February, (Woolgoolga).

We had intended to have a relaxing time while here, and we have achieved it very successfully. When it hasn’t been raining, or at least looking like it, it has been too hot and muggy to do anything anyway.

One thing we have noticed here, one thing impossible to not notice, is the line of roost trees for all the Parrots along the edge of the park. The long row of pine trees are home at night for hundreds of birds, which are very noisy for about two hours before dark with them getting louder towards dark. A bit hard to handle the first evening here, but one ends up happily putting up with them as it is a sound one does not hear very often anywhere.

A move on Wednesday will see us moving closer to Surfers Paradise, maybe with an overnight stop on the way if weather permitting, or a night or two at another stop like Ballina, or maybe Byron Bay. A decision tomorrow night will reveal which will be the case.