Thursday 21st February, (Woolgoolga).

Linda’s 50th birthday today and I think she was a little disappointed that there were not a lot of people around, whom she knows, to help celebrate. Things were made up for somewhat by speaking to Narrelle last night and getting a couple of SMS’s today. She was expecting a card from Nell but as yet it has not turned up, Nell was a little late sending it though, and she did send two emails, one to each of my addresses, to make sure she at least received something.

I received an email from Jerry the Pom, an old workmate, and it is so refreshing hearing from at least one of them, probably especially CCHHEEII, as it is enlightening to see how he actually writes exactly like he speaks. Following is an example extract from his mail:

Ron   —-good to see over your Xmas break down here—-Looking sooo  well.  Some people must hate you.  AND  AND   your  transport  vehical.  Looked the part and may it keep pulling you and Linda along.   OK- yesterday was BIG storm  BIG time.  Today  early  was so cold–  even I hate you…..  thanks for your big  Email  effort to all of us, very well done.

It was a demonstration today of why we make no steadfast travel plans, as we sat down today and discussed where we should go after leaving Brisbane, and we have now changed our so called plans as follows. We had planned earlier this year to do the full lap of the big island but having to be back in Brisbane for Christmas, 9 months would not be any where long enough to go to Darwin, south to Perth and return to Brisbane, so earlier we had decided to travel to Darwin and possibly back to Cairns and then south back to Brisbane. Today we seem to have now changed those plans, as it seems a waste of time and distance retracing our path from Mt Isa to Darwin and return, so it now seems we may only go as far as Mt. Isa and then back to Cairns. One reason for this change is the fact that Narrelle and Matthew will most likely be back in Aust. for the wedding of one of her friends in September and she indicated that it would be nice to meet up with us in Cairns, or somewhere around there, while they are here.

It would be our thoughts then to travel from Brisbane, after Christmas, down and across to Adelaide, and then possibly up the middle via Alice Springs to Darwin and then south to Perth in time for the next summer, being about 12 months. Then from Perth across the Nullarbor back to Adelaide and then consider where to from there, probably Cairns for winter, Ohh!! look at those miles.

I wonder how long these plans will last.