Wednesday 20th February, (Woolgoolga).

I have not written a great deal lately as we have gotten a chance to just relax for a while, which means not doing much.

We have left Forster and moved on to Woolgoolga, a sign outside the town says “A hard place to say, a nice place to stay” and although we have only been here for a few hours it seems to be correct. We did have a look down here last year while we were at Coffs Harbour and decided then that we must stay here sometime and that is what directed us here this time.

It is finally a pleasure to be in warmer weather. We have now moved a fair way north so it is naturally going to be that way. We have experienced a fair bit of wind, as at the moment, and the occasional rain but at least it is still warm.

We travelled a fair distance today, about 300 kilometres, which would normally be further than we would prefer, but Linda wasn’t happy with the idea of having an overnight stop on the way, as she did not like the idea of travelling tomorrow on her birthday, especially being her 50th. Now that we only plan one more stop on the way to Brisbane and we have two weeks from today to be there, we decided that a stop over for a week at this location would be the order of call and we can now get into the travel habits that we would prefer by staying for at least a week wherever we stop.

I am sure we are going to enjoy our stay here. The situation of the caravan park is close to shops and the beach so the car can have a bit of a rest this week, as apart from a trip to Coffs Harbour and maybe whatever there is to look at, there will be no need to use it. The pushbikes should get a fair bit of use while we are here.