The Entrance

Tuesday 12th February, (The Entrance).

The Entrance is our choice of stay for the next few days. The Entrance is situated only about 100 kilometres north of Sydney, just north of Gosford.

Our time in Sydney was just as we intended, very relaxing. We did go out for tea one night with Sue and invited her around to the van for tea the other nights; this was to prevent her from dragging us out every night. Normally we wouldn’t have minded going out but it would not have been in keeping with us just sitting around.

Linda did go shopping with Sue on Sunday, and didn’t enjoy the experience at all as Sue is one to have money to spend, and did, and Linda was just left feeling out of it as she does have to watch her budget.

We did at one stage accept that we may have to stay in Sydney for a few days as the weather forecast was not good, but New South Wales keeping up with their standards got it all wrong again and it has been reasonably fine, except for the wind, so we were able to move on.

We may have chosen the wrong caravan park on this visit, as it was quite full when we arrived and we were only left with the last sites to be normally allocated, obviously. There is nothing really wrong with the park; it is just that it would have been nice to have a choice of a better site. We are stuck behind a great big palm type bush, which is blocking our TV reception but a move of the aerial to the front of the van has somewhat overcome the problem. We are getting pretty good reception but it should be perfect.

One of our main reasons for stopping here, apart from the fact that we bypassed it last time, is to visit an old friend who lives at Gosford. I haven’t seen him for quite a few years, except for when we were on the same boat to come over here in Jan. 2001, and I am looking forward to catching up with him again.