Wednesday 6th February, (Albury).

We are at our usual place of stay at Albury, and although this park is quite satisfactory next time we visit this area it might be time to check out another just to compare.

The weather didn’t hold out so it was necessary to run the generator yesterday morning for a couple of hours to boost the batteries a little for when we need them in future.

Linda has done her birthday shopping for Narrelle and while here I decided to visit the Telstra shop because this is where I purchased the new CDMA mobile. My intention was to just bring to the attention of the manager the problems I have had and express my disapproval of what has happened and the she was very cooperative indeed. She assured me that if I didn’t receive any satisfaction with Bendigo then I could contact her and she would endeavour to assist where she could.

It is off again tomorrow toward Canberra; possibly with an overnight stop somewhere about half way, unless we decide to go all the way, probably depends on the weather more than anything.

We visited Narrelle’s in-laws again today and as usual it was great to see them again and for them to see us again. Mark wasn’t there today, but Kaye and Lorne were and we had a long chat, or at least a friend of theirs visiting did.