Tuesday 29th January, (Geelong/ Bendigo).

Today we have moved to Bendigo from Geelong. We have been at Geelong since Thursday and had a chance to visit rellies while there.

We camped at David and Marnie’s, with an ‘ie’ not an ‘ey’ as I was promptly informed, as they have plenty of room on a large acreage. We managed to visit Dorothy and Ivor, some of her children, Anne and Tracy, and Marnie’s brother Michael while there and I think Marnie’s children, Andrew and Jessie, were glad to meet us once again. I thought it surprising that they still remember us after not having met them very often.

We had intended leaving Geelong earlier, Sunday or Monday, but it was raining on Sunday, not unusual for Melbourne area, and the fact that it was Australia day long weekend we decided not to travel on Monday due to the extra traffic returning from holidays over the weekend.

As we didn’t have to be in Bendigo until today, we had intended to have a leisurely trip here with an overnight stop somewhere, but as we didn’t leave until today we decided to make the trip in one go.

We must plan a lengthy period of time to just slowly travel this and other areas in Victoria as there are so many places in close proximity which look worthwhile visiting for a few days each rather than just drive through.

Now that we are in Bendigo I have visited the Telstra shop to enquire about my mobile phone and no news yet, but hopefully something will eventuate tomorrow.


Tuesday 22nd January, (Melbourne).

Well here we are back in Melbourne and nothing has changed, it is raining. The rain started on the boat trip over and hasn’t stopped since we have been here.

We are camped at Rick Coopers place at Mt. Martha, a few kilometres south of Frankston. Our intention was to move on to Geelong tomorrow but have decided to stay on here for another day. We are waiting to find out if the weather is going to fine up and I am waiting to find out what is happening with the repairs to my new CDMA phone. I am waiting for a call tomorrow to find out what is happening with the repairs as they are being carried out at Telstra workshops in this area somewhere and there is a hope that I can pick it up direct instead of it being sent back to Bendigo where I put it in for repairs.

Staying another day will give us a chance to relax for a day and do some chores like washing and such.

Linda had a trip to the Vic. Markets today by train and returned in a state of amazement at what she encountered there as to what was on sale. She was heard making a comment that she is amazed that anybody in Melbourne would want to shop at a supermarket after seeing what was on offer at the market and the prices.

I had a rather productive day as well. I purchased and replaced the lock on the caravan door, as the other one was broken. I also managed to do some more work on the electrics, installing another meter to monitor the load current of the battery.

It is rather difficult to continue right now as my train of thought has been severely interrupted by a silly dispute over opening some biscuits today that I shouldn’t have, so that’s it for today.


Sunday 20th January 2002, (Tassie).

Well, here we are on our final day in Tassie and our not being able to wait to return to the mainland has come to an end with us due to board the Devil-cat this afternoon for our return journey.

We have visited everyone, we hope, that we intended to while here and said our farewells on the basis that we may not see any of them for a couple of years. It seems that our tentative plans for next Christmas are to be in Brisbane as Matthew and family are planning on being there then so it would be our intention to meet them there, therefore foregoing a return to Tassie next year.

The vehicle has been serviced in readiness for our upcoming travels, and all my medical checks passed with flying colours so we can now return with me, at least, having a clear bill of health.

All we have to do now is to pack up our gear and load it into the vehicle, say our farewells to Matt, Lou and the kids, board the boat and we are once again on our way to venture around more of this great land.




Chapter 11

Return to the mainland.

10th January 2002, (Tassie).

We have been back in Tassie since the 20th of December and have had a pleasantly quiet time with the immediate family.

We were fortunate when we arrived in Tassie with Matt and Lou’s landlady going for a holiday the day we arrived and asked if we would mind house sitting for them. This worked out extremely well as the house we are in is the adjoining one to Matt and Lou, so we are very close to them and yet have as much privacy as we wish without putting them out too much. We only have the house for another two days, so we will then move in with Matt and Lou for the last week here.

I consider I have done the right thing for the owner of the house by doing some repairs for her in her absence, that I am sure she will appreciate due to the lack of having a man in the house to do these normally menial chores. We are hopeful that this will offset the use we have made of the phone while being here.

Since being back in Tassie we have mainly spent most of our time with the family, as it may be quite a while before we see them again.

I have had some of my medical checks done, and all have so far passed with flying colours. When I have my visit to Dr. Mitchell for my liver check and all proves ok, we can return to the mainland knowing we can again travel without any worries about my health and enjoy ourselves all the more.

The final week here will be occupied mainly with visiting people to catch up with them again, and a vehicle service so we will be fully ready to return and just ‘go without a care’.