Friday 7th December, (Melbourne).

Things over the past month have been far from normal; we have spent most of the time in Melbourne, with the exception of one week in Frankston, because the weather has been too bad to do anything useful. At least this gave me time to enquire and find some information about solar panels. I decided on a brand called UNI-SOLAR, one salesman referred to them as ‘light sensitive panels’ rather than solar panels because they are more efficient on dull days, and more efficient on very sunny days. The standard rating for each of the panels is approximately 4 amps, 64W @ 16V, two of them giving a total of 8 amps, on a dull day they will provide 5 amps and on a hot sunny day they have provided a whopping 12 amps, so I am rather impressed. I dare say I will give further reports when I have given them greater use.

I did, in hindsight, make the wrong choice of installer, but they did make me the best offer and they were convenient, as it became obvious that they had never fitted solar cells to a caravan before. The resultant installation was acceptable although would have been a little neater using a caravan-experienced installer.