Tuesday 16th October, (Dubbo).

Nothing much has happened over the last few days as the rain has persisted and restricted us from many activities; we have booked in for a few extra days so we can accomplish the thing we want to.

A visit to the doctor revealed that the irritation on Linda’s foot is an allergy to an insect bite, so our delay here will be worthwhile in getting treatment.

We did manage our second visit to the zoo today and the use of the pushbikes was definitely the better choice as it enabled us to travel where and when we wanted. We also went early and spent the whole day getting a whole lot more photos, 101 in fact.

We are in a quandary about moving out, as we have decided to stay till at least Thursday, the weather is forecast for more rain tonight and tomorrow and we must move on Thursday as a caravan club has the entire area we are in booked. In case it rains tomorrow we decided to pull down the awning tonight, then if it does rain it will be dry and packed, I’ll just have to find some other shelter to have a smoke in if it is raining.

A visit to an old local gaol is the order of the day tomorrow, as we have heard from several people that a visit to Dubbo is not fulfilled unless one does see the gaol.

Wednesday 17th October, (Dubbo).

They were right; the gaol is a worthwhile visit. The construction of this facility is typical of the day they were built, or maybe in my opinion even beyond those expectations. Everything I noticed was definitely built with purpose and would have obviously facilitated that purpose to the full. It surprises me that this facility would have been built in the very centre of the township, but probably that was the idea of the people of the day.

Though we have not yet travelled greatly around our land, one thing that I considered about these building is that there does not seem to be many of them in such a preserved state for display. Only further travels will reveal the extent of these type buildings still on offer for visits.

More consideration has now had to be given to the route of our immediate travels as my information reveals that Centerlink offices are few and far between in the area we had planned to travel. We do receive a small potion of remuneration from the government for being unemployed and it means a visit to an office fortnightly to submit a form. We have had no problem in the past as an office has been present everywhere we have stayed, or at least not far out of our way, but now we are about to detour from our planned route direct down to Shepparton and detour via Wagga-Wagga and Albury. This will at least give us a chance to once again visit Narrelle’s in-laws. A final decision will be made at our next stop, either Parkes or Forbes, to which we travel tomorrow.