Thursday 11th October, (Dubbo).

I have all the time I need today to do things like put these words down and a couple of small chores in the van as it is raining. It has been a long period since we have experienced rain during the day and after thoughts and discussions we recalled the last time was in Atherton, near Cairns, and it does make one think about different thing to do as the rain does restrict us doing what is usual.

Linda has taken the opportunity to make up some curtains for the front window, as the originals were pulled down because they didn’t fit extremely well and we considered they weren’t needed as the window was closed every night. We have now decided that on warm nights it would be an advantage to leave the window open for a draught so they were replaced.

I have taken the chance to fit a couple of reading lamps above the seating area. These lamps are 12volt so we can use them while camping without power. We do have 12volt lamps in the main light fixtures, but they are not very bright and the new ones I stumbled upon have quartz lamps fitted.

I also followed up on an idea I had about a modification to the awning so as to eliminate the rope protruding out the front and being a tripping hazard. I accomplished this by placing an extendable pole between the tops of the two end poles and moving the positioning of the end rope to the second pole from the end so the staking point of the rope is at the same extent as the corner pole, it worked a wonder. I quite often wonder why I was born so bright.

We visited the Western Plains Zoo yesterday, and it most certainly lived up to all expectations we had from what people have been telling us. We decided to go by car instead of the bikes as Linda is at present having problems with an itchy rash on her foot and it seemed the more appropriate transport method. It turned out that this was the wrong decision. The zoo is quite large and has a road through its compounds for the purpose of driving, walking or riding and the problem of using the car was that twice as much walking had to be done to return on each section to retrieve the car to move on to the next area.

The zoo staff are obviously aware of the situation of people attending and not being correctly prepared and cover the situation by making the ticket purchase a two day pass so patrons can return prepared on another day. We do intend returning, when the weather improves, with the pushbikes and earlier in the day, because we consider that we could easily spend all day there. We also want to get plenty of photos as Linda has an idea for a Christmas present for the grand children that I am sure I could build for her.

The other thing I have to do today to fill in time is to modify the photos I did take yesterday to extract the animals from the pics so we can use them without the background, so that’s it for now so I can start.