Monday 8th October, (Dubbo).

Linda has now insisted that we will not be travelling this area of Australia at this time of year again as it has been too cold. We have actually extracted the heater from its storage hole in the panel van for the first time on our trip and turned it on tonight because the forecast is for cold ones again tonight. The temperatures have been getting down to 5 and 6 degrees the last few nights and after spending the past months in a lot warmer weather that feels cold, but last night at Coonabarabran it must have got down to at least 2 or 3 degrees and we froze so we decided that we don’t want to freeze again.

We have now moved on to Dubbo, a bigger place than we thought, and there seems to be plenty to do. There are bike-riding tracks all over the place so there is no excuse not to go riding every day. The bike track goes all the way to the zoo and as there are bike tracks around the zoo as well this will be a great opportunity to have a full day out bike riding.

Recommendations are that one should not visit Dubbo without visiting the zoo so we do intend to have this day trip on the bikes and take heaps of photos of animals as Linda has an idea for a Christmas present for the grandchildren.

Other recommended tours are the gaol and the military museum so an update will follow after we take these tours.