Tuesday 30th October, (Wagga Wagga/ Albury).

I have been very lax in writing anything down for the last week as we have mainly been relaxing due to the horrible weather we have been experiencing lately. I have also been building a large file about TV channels; hence whenever I pick up the laptop lately I get engrossed with continuing that rather than work on anything else, like this for example. We also decided that we want to produce and send our own Christmas cards this year so I have also been preoccupied playing with our new software to accomplish this. It seems I have been spending all my time working on the computer on all the miscellaneous things and no time on my regular things.

We have since moved on from Forbes, and after having a change of travel plans, we went on to Wagga Wagga for a week. Wagga was an eye-opener, as I was always led to believe it was just another small country town rather than a bustling city that it is. Again the lousy weather restricted us from doing a great deal such in the lines of tourist things, but have decided to one day return there and have a good look about.

The main reason for our change in travel plans was when Linda was looking at a map of our whereabouts and decided that as we were close to Albury we may as well go and visit Narrelle’s in-laws, and as Linda said, “It will be nice to meet some familiar faces after all this travel”. We are now in Albury and intend visiting tomorrow.

Our other plan changes include going straight to Melbourne from here and do the things we intended doing there, such as look at fitting solar panels on the van. Then we will know how much time we have to spare before boarding the boat for home so we can then plan some short trips in the vicinity of Melbourne to see some of that area.