Friday 7th September, (Sarina).

After visiting the information centre today and finding some things to see about here we have decided that this area is one in which we could easily stay for a week or so. There are quite a few beaches on the coast that are quite nice, one of which has a caravan park that might be a more enjoyable place to stay. There seems to be an interesting drive to the west of here that we may do tomorrow if the weather is fine, forecast rain, then it doesn’t matter if we don’t because I’m sure we will be back here at a later stage.

The caravan park management hold a regular happy hour on Friday nights for guests to meet and whilst talking to the manager he suggested we go visit him in his office tomorrow as he has something to describe to us that he considers well worth seeing.

I finally, after all my life, found somebody else who can make a Claxton call, submarine dive signal, that I have been known to perform on regular occasions. It is a call that takes great skill in manipulating the voice box and has had everybody I have known stumped in their attempts to perform the same. Then one resident at the park performed this feat with an equal skill as I have ever demonstrated and also took Linda by surprise.

I finally summoned up the courage to read at the function a couple of poems that were given to me a couple of months ago. They relate to experiences encountered by caravanners and, not surprisingly, they were the hit of the evening. I will have to make it an occurrence for me at similar evenings held at other parks.