Tuesday 11th September, (Rockhampton).

Rockhampton is the present location for our visiting and a quote from Linda today as we were looking down on the city from Mt. Archer was “It’s funny to see a city stuck in the middle of nowhere”. I’m sure she meant inland and not close to the ocean, as Rocky is a fair way from the coast, which is the style that we have experienced with most of the cities we have visited so far and I’m sure she will have a change of heart soon when we start travelling inland, which should be soon.

Mt. Archer is a spectacular lookout point for Rockhampton with the exception that the viewing points are blocked somewhat by trees, but a good view is still obtained.

Today was mainly taken up with looking around the area to familiarise ourselves with the district and Linda checking out the shopping centres and such.

I followed up with looking for details and prices for a decent battery for the caravan as we intend soon staying overnight in rest areas using our newly purchased inverter, to drive 240V appliances, driven from the battery. To use an inverter means pulling a heavy drain from the battery, which will result in the battery flattening easily and regularly. I have discovered the regular battery I had installed does not have the capacity to handle the drain and also is not of a construction to handle continual charging and discharging, so the purchase of a deep cycle 85Amp/Hour seemed the way to go. Deep cycle is a battery of a construction designed so it can be constantly cycled from charge to discharge without causing a malfunction, as was the case with the regular car battery. If I find the 85Amp/Hour is not enough the purchase of another and connected in parallel should overcome the problem.

When we arrived at the caravan park here we had an option with a bonus offer provided at the park of paying for a week and receiving an additional week free, we had intended staying for a week anyway. We had preferred not to choose this option as we did not intend staying the second week and if we had chosen that option and decided not to stay the second week we would forfeit our discount, only $10.00 but better than nothing. The result was not to accept this option and now after having a look and discovering what there is to do here it may have been a wise move to stay the second week, but if we need more time there is always the next time up this way.

A decision must be made this week as to our route of travel from here. We had originally planned on going to Brisbane but our reason for doing so no longer exists, apart from Linda wanting to visit a friend from home on a trip there, so we have to decide whether she can wait until Christmas to see her or not. If we decide not to go to Brisbane it would be more convenient for us to re-direct ourselves inland from here to travel south to Geelong for our trip home.