Friday 28th September, (Moree).

6:30 PM

The thermal pool is something different, hot and relaxing, and it does leave one with a feeling that it has done some good. There is no doubt I will be going for a dip on several occasions while we are here. Linda wants to go again tonight, being open till 10:00pm, but as usual will not go on her own.

We visited the information centre today and found there are a few tours that took our interest, one to Lightning Ridge opal mining area, and one to a pecan nut farm. Other than these trips there does not seem to be a great deal more to do here than any other small country town, but we do get the feeling that we could spend a lot more time in the area as the atmosphere is different than that of the last few towns, The pool helps as well I think.

10:00 PM

Linda got her way with re-visiting the pool, and yes, she managed to drag me along with her.

After speaking to several others it was told how these pools are very therapeutic in the aid of Arthritis and such ailments. I do know that it relaxes one very much, to the extent that it will be interesting to see the difference it makes to Linda sleeping tonight.

A conversation overheard while in the pool seemed to sum up the feelings of others using the pool, he is obviously writing down stories of his journeys as well, and went; “How does one put into words about this pool in his report, as to how one can visit them any number of times and all it costs is $15.00 per day, and you get a camp site thrown in as well”. I don’t know how long he is staying here, but because we are staying for a week it only costs us $12.00 per day.