Tuesday 25th September, (Goondiwindi).

I seem to have been a little lax in putting words down again, missing several days. There was not much to miss though as our visit to Goondiwindi has been a little disappointing.

We visited the information centre on Saturday and acquired a fair bit of information about the area, but when we visited some of the points of interest our disappointment became obvious. One in particular was the Boobera Lagoon, about 20km west of Goondi’ on the road to Boomi. This lagoon was well advertised as being a magnificent picnic spot with tables, seats, shelter and toilets and was also an Aboriginal sacred site. When we arrived at the turn off we discovered a fence blocking thoroughfare, so to our disappointment we returned to Goondi’ with no sight seeing done.

The local Botanic gardens were advertised as being well established and ongoing work was being undertaken, and when we arrived there we decided that it may be worth visiting in about 5-10 years when the vegetation has become established.

Mini Bondi on the eastern side of town; a good picnic spot and fishing and swimming hole could not be located.

The town common and Hilton weir, on the western side of town, another swimming and fishing spot was a crossing over a very dirty river leading to land that is being revegetated.

It now being Tuesday and we have decided we have seen what Goondi has to offer and we now have until Friday paid for in the park with nothing else to do, so I would not be surprised if we up camp and leave a day early.