Airlie Beach

Saturday 1st September, (Airlie Beach).

Airlie Beach, Whitsunday, this is an area that caters mainly for a certain tourist clientele, the one that has money to spend touring the islands. There does not appear to be any catering for the ‘just here to look around’ tourist such as us.

Our idea while here was to check out the local lookouts to take heaps of pictures of the area and it seems, although there are hills galore in the area, that there are no lookouts in the immediate area. There are a couple down Shute Harbour way, we haven’t been to check them out yet, along walking tracks and offer views of the many islands in the group called Whitsunday. One of the tracks is about five kilometres of hilly climb, so with Linda’s not so healthy knee we have had to give that one a miss, but there is another that is shorter and easier and when the weather improves we intend to check that one.

Our little look around, and checks at information centres the other day indicated to us that these walking tracks were there so a decision was made to leave it for another day with plenty of time, and wouldn’t you believe it has been overcast since and threatening to rain so it is now wait and see what eventuates.

We are actually a little disappointed with the presentation of the area; especially with all the hype we have heard about it in the past, that it probably won’t be too much of a disappointment if we weren’t to get too many pictures anyway.

All this is not to be meant to take anything away from the area; it is a place that should still be on one’s list for visits.

This weekend was advertised as being a celebration of the areas ‘fun day’, which is apparently an annual event, with yacht racing, bands and groups playing and a fireworks display. Again the celebrations only seemed to cater for the young and rich, except the fireworks, with charges to get in to things to see a heap of young ones dancing and drinking. We did wait around and watch the fireworks and I will give them credit for the show.