Mt Surprise

Tuesday 7th August, (Mt Surprise).

I received some bad news today when I used the parks facilities to use the internet and I received an email from John Chellis, previously mentioned old workmate, that Andrew Ray had passed away on Friday last, and his funeral was today. It grieves me that I had recently made friends with Andrew over the last couple of years, although I have known of him for a long time, and I am so far away at a time like this and can’t pass on my respects to his wife personally. I feel even more remorse from not being back in Tassie at this time knowing that I am one of the very few people that Andrew confided in concerning his cancer, and if our friendship meant that much then I feel as I could have consoled his wife somewhat. I rang this afternoon to offer her my sentiments and she acknowledged that she appreciated my feelings and assured me that she and all others were coping adequately.

Otherwise a very restful day was had, doing very little and enjoying the warm sunny weather that this area has to offer. I found out that this park, the Bedrock Village, has internet access available to clients. I enquired as to whether access was via a phone line and as to whether it may be possible to connect my laptop to the phone line so as I could possibly access my phone account and pay it. The surprise response was “We have a separate phone line for that particular purpose”, to which I expressed my surprise that they do and no other van park does. Management even expressed their amazement in also hearing from several other people that no one else provides this as a service. After having this win I must remember to make note in my caravan park report that this park would have to be one of the most management friendly of any we have stayed at.