Thursday 23rd August, (Bowen).

We have now moved on to Bowen, about 200km from Townsville, near Ayr.

I am sure now why people have suggested to travel Australia in an anti-clockwise direction to travel with the wind; since we left Cairns to travel back south the vehicle has not been performing as well as expected and I can only suppose that on the way up we mostly had a tail wind, when there was a breeze, and on the way south we have had a head wind on all days of travel. If one takes notice of the weather pattern in TV reports, one would notice that generally the upper most part of Australia has a constant high pressure area in the centre so, as the wind travels around a high in an anti-clockwise direction, then prevailing winds would be exactly what we have been experiencing.

We have only just settled in Bowen and have not yet had a chance to see anything, so more to follow later.

Friday 24th August, (Bowen).

A small drama that showed at a rather opportune time today, as one of the other campers at the park informed me that while I was parking the caravan he noticed oil leaking from under the panel-van. Upon inspection it was discovered that the power steering reservoir was void of fluid, so if he hadn’t noticed it would have only been a matter of time before I would have lost power in steering. Not having a great deal of experience with power steering I am not sure how much steering one would have if the power control is lost, so I am rather thankful that this gentleman noticed the leak rather than the steering failing while having the caravan on the back.

We will have to leave our sight seeing till later next week as I can’t get the problem fixed until at least Monday, and we may have to be prepared to extend our stay here for another couple of days depending on repairs.

We found out today that the centenary celebrations are being held in Bowen this week and culminating tomorrow with a street parade and functions, including fireworks, in the evening in the local park around the corner from the caravan park. As it turns out it was fortunate that we chose this caravan park as all the others are way over the other side of town and without a vehicle we may have missed the event.