Saturday 4th August, (Atherton).

Our trip to Atherton is turning out to be a restful one, as it has not fined up since being here. We did manage to make a day trip visiting several waterfalls in the area yesterday. There are quite a few falls in the area and are worth seeing.

We also visited the Curtain Fig Tree and decided that we did not visit this one on our previous trip 5 years ago. Both this and the Cathedral Fig Tree are worth seeing when in the area, as they both demonstrate just how amazing these trees are in the method in which they grow. A couple of scenic look-outs on our travels proved fruitless as when we reached them they were above cloud level and nothing could be seen.

Needless to say we have not been on the bush walks that we intended, because the bush would be just too wet to even think about walking in, and it doesn’t look as though things will improve before we move on Monday.

We had also planned a trip on the local railway, but again it may well be pointless if the weather does not improve, we have one more chance to do this tomorrow. The trip would not be the one they normally run to Herberton as they are undertaking rail repair on the line between here and Herberton, so the one they are running is a shorter one to the Carrington waterfall and return, not on the usual steam train, but on a small cane train, but it may have still been worth while. Oh well, if we don’t get to do it this time there may be another chance in the future.